Recorded - Labor and Birth Preparation Course

A holistc labor and birth preparation online course for all expecting parents in Week 28-40 of pregnancy who wish to have a positive and joyful birthing experience.

Instructor: Bharti GoelLanguage: English

What can you expect form the course

About the course

This is a Labor and Birth preparation recorded course with Bharti Goel for expecting parents in week 26-40 of pregnancy.

Duration : 2.5 hours

This consists of  four part video series on :

🎦 Everything Before Labor ( 40 mins)

🎦 Everything During Labor ( 50 mins)

🎦 Labor Movements Practice ( 30 mins)

🎦 Medical Interventions & Immediate Postpartum ( 35 mins)

Bonus Labor & Birth toolkit

😮‍💨 Labor Pain Management Cheat Sheet

🤰 Labor Positions Cheat Sheet 

👫 Role of Partner Cheat Sheet

👶 Birth Plan Template

👝 Hospital Bag Cheat Sheet

💬 Access to a private moms-to-be WhatsApp community


Terms and Conditions

- Access to course available for 3 months.

- You can DM Bharti your queries. Please bear with any delay in replying.

Course Content


Neha, India

Highly recommended! I attended both of Bharti's Prenatal Yoga sessions and Labor and Birth Prep workshop and went on to have a natural birth! The workshop has quite useful nuggets of information, especially for first time parents. 2.5 hours well spent on a Sunday morning :)

Ramya, Dubai

We had very limited understanding about pregnancy and birthing before this class. We had a lot of questions but it is difficult to ask the Dr or the midwife these questions in the limited time we have at the appointments. The Birth Preparation session covered all our queries about labor and delivery and made us feel more confident about going into labor with a calm and composed mind. I strongly feel all expecting parents need to attend this session to make them better prepared for pregnancy, labor and birth.

Prerna, USA

I’d very highly encourage you to sign up for Bharti’s next labor prep workshop-I’m based in the US, and as per usual practice here, I’ve read books that my OBgyn recommended, watched a few videos online spanning multiple days, and
even have a doula that we’ve hired. Among all that, I found this workshop the most concise and helpful - Bharti has packed a ton of information and insights into just over 2hrs. It’s a total steal for the price, for those like me who wish to know the whys and how’s of everything about to happen. Can’t wait to get my hands on the material as well!

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