Natural Childbirth Preparation

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Childbirth is a unique and amazing experience​

Preparing for the birth of your child is something which women all over the world care and think about.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus is an innovative birth training device from Germany, now available in India.

Gentle Stretching reduces risk of tearing by 42%

EPI-NO can be used from any time during the pregnancy to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, but from 37 weeks the EPI-NO exercises enhance the function of the natural pregnancy hormone Relaxin to prepare the perineum with gentle stretching exercises, which reduces the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy during childbirth.

Extremely safe and

Using the EPI-NO Delphine Plus will not induce labour and it’s not possible to ‘overstretch’ yourself.

Using the EPI-NO accustoms the perineum to the stretching required in childbirth and facilitates a return to normal. As in sport, the muscles you train will be strengthened and stretched

What is EPI-NO ?

EPI-NO is a pelvic floor trainer made of high-quality components which have undergone a strict quality control. It consists of:

  1. an anatomically formed balloon made of medical silicone
  2. a hand pump with
  3. pressure gauge
  4. air release valve
  5. and connecting tube

Why EPI-NO makes sense?

Exercises to Stretch the Perineum from week 37

EPI-NO exercises enhance the function of the natural pregnancy hormone ‘Relaxin’ to prepare the perineum with gentle stretching exercises.

EPI-NO stretching exercises should commence at 37 weeks and continue until the end of the pregnancy term. These exercises gradually stretch the perineum in daily sessions of 20 minutes in total, comprising of 4 cycles of 5 minutes.

  1. Insert the EPI-NO balloon half way into the vagina.
  2. Gently contract and relax your muscles against the balloon, which provides resistance.
  3. Slowly inflate the EPI-NO balloon to the point of stretching and comfort.
  4. Each day you will inflate and stretch more.
  5. After the stretching phase relax your pelvic floor muscles and allow the inflated EPI-NO balloon to gently expel itself from the vagina.
  6. This will familiarise you with the sensation of delivering the baby’s head.

Exercises to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor Muscles

EPI-NO also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and helps you to perform kegel exercisies correctly. It can be used from early on in the pregnancy and following the birth to restore pelvic floor muscle strength, promote bladder control and sexual health.

A strong pelvic floor supports the weight of childbearing, and is more resilient in its recovery after the birth. In these exercises the balloon acts as a sensor and is only minimally inflated. The pressure gauge monitors your performance during kegel training and informs you that you are exercising the right muscles. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the higher the pressure you can exert on the balloon. This is called Bio-feedback and helps motivate you to see your performance improve. . These exercises continue after the birth of the baby.

Benefits of EPI-NO Delphine Plus:

  • A simple device to exercise anytime at home
  • Complements your perineal massaging
  • Reduces the risk of perineal tears and episiotomy
  • Less stress for mother and baby during second stage of labour
  • Optimal device for speeding the regeneration/recovery process
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Bio-feedback monitors and motivates your recovery performance

How to Use EPI-NO?

Learn how to use the EPI-NO for Kegels:

  • Improve Pelvic Floor Tone
  • Reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and post delivery challenges like incontinence.
  • Improve Sexual Satisfaction.

Learn how to use the EPI-NO for Perineal Massage:

  • Stretch your pelvic floor for childbirth to reduce the chance of tearing.
  • Reduce the chances of needing an Episiotomy.
  • Have a faster labor.

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EPI-NO International Partners

EPI-NO is available in 29 countries (including India) and has helped over 250,000 women globally to prepare for a Natural Delivery.

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