Prenatal Yoga with bharti

Join Bharti in online prenatal yoga sessions specially designed for expecting moms  to promote a healthy, happy and pain free pregnancy & birthing experience.

Choose your learning style with our flexible options : Join live sessions for real-time engagement or explore on-demand courses at your own pace.

Online Prenatal Yoga with Bharti

An exclusive series of zoom live classes with bonus resources like diet plans, pregnancy tips and a lot more.

Prenatal Yoga with Bharti -On Demand

Specially designed 12 part series of full length prenatal yoga sessions with community support.




Highly recommended! I attended both of Bharti's Prenetal Yoga sessions and Labor and Birth Pre workshop and went on to have a natural birth! The workshop has quite useful nuggets of information, especially for first time parents 2.5 hours well spent on a Sunday morning.



Bharati's Prenatal yoga is a great program. As I am pregnant with this program gives me confidence both physically and mentally. After her yoga sessions it feels so refreshing and it helps in yoga sessions it feels so refreshing and it helps in reducing shoulder and back aches. Apart from the yoga sessions she sends weekly materials like diet plans, stretching and pranayama videos which helps through out the pregnancy. I am glad that I have subscribed for this session.



The prenatal yoga sessions were calming and well designed. The offline material like Daily Stretches during Pregnancy, Hospital Bag checklist was very helpful as well. Would definitely recommend this to other expecting moms

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